OK..it's NOT the RITZ..But they will leave the light on for you!!!   If you are a movie fanatic then PamJam is ready to be your vacation guide. Shortlist.com put out a list of "Movie Hotels You Can Actually Check Into"

From "Groundhog Day" you can travel to Woodstock, Illinois to stay at the Royal Victorian Manor..sorry Phil fans-not Pennsylvania!

From "FARGO" you can road trip to Forest Lake, Minnesota and stay at the place where Jerry ( William H. Macy ) gets arrested -The Hitching Post Motel.

From "Something About Mary" you travel to The Cardozo Hotel in Miami Beach Florida to check out the spot of the famous "hair gel" scene! Double Bonus on this trip..Gloria Estefan owns the hotel and I want to come along!!!

From "No Country for Old Men" you're off to The Desert Sands Motel in Albuquerque,New Mexico...but beware..just like the film..this place will scare the bejesus out of you!!!

Now if you prefer closer to home stays then your best bet is to go to www.ctvisit.com and enjoy all that our state offers for fun!!

Wow..being Julie your cruise director is kinda fun...