Would you like the Viagra in the bag with your Cheetos and Ben & Jerry's?

Drive-thru pharmacies are quite common. Nearly every US city has a CVS, Walgreens, or a Rite Aid ready to fill your order as you wait in your Buick. But, leave it to my hometown of Waterbury, CT to have the brilliance to combine a pharmacy and a gas station!

According to a Facebook post by the Waterbury Regional Chamber, the nation's first pharmacy/gas station, Brass Mill Pharmacy, has just opened up for business at 1405 East Main Street.

Brass Mill Pharmacy is located on East Main behind the Brass Mill Center Mall, near the busy intersection with Meriden Road.

Just think, one night after you leave the Jamaican place downtown, you may have to stop to get some gas, and realize that you forgot to refill your Xanax order. You can kill two birds with one stone now in Waterbury!

Congratulations Patel family, I hope that your business venture has great success!