Union Cemetery in Easton is one of the most haunted places in Connecticut, according to Damned Conencticut.

The 400-year-old Union Cemetery lies at the junctions of routes 59 and 136 in Easton. The star of the show at the spook-tacular Union Cemetery is the 'White Lady," who's been described as wearing a white gown with long black hair. It's also been reported by various witnesses that she enjoys scaring the living bejesus out of random drivers by appearing in the middle of Rt.59 to be "hit" by random cars and then proceeds to pass through the front seat where she enjoys seeing the driver peeing themselves while screaming hysterically!

Someone Dressed as a Monster at Frankenstein's Castle in 2013 - Credit Getty Images

The legend is that the 'White Lady' is the spirit of a woman from the 1940's who was murdered after she killed her husband. Others believe it's the spirit of a woman who died at childbirth and is roaming the earth looking for her lost child, and yet others say the 'White Lady' is a woman who was killed in the early 1900's and was dumped into a sinkhole behind the church.

I've often thought about driving out to Easton's Union Cemetery during the day to ask the White Lady spirit which of the three stories might be the correct one. Even though I have never had the experience of communicating or seeing a spirit or ghost, I've made the decision to NEVER intentionally conjure up spirits like the "White Lady." Cue the Cowardly Lion!

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