If you're starting the college search for your son or daughter, start looking at the Business Insider list of the best colleges under $25K!

According to The Danbury Daily Voice, the University of Connecticut came in at number 25 on Business Insider's list of the top colleges costing under $25K a year. The publication surveyed over 1,000 readers on what schools gave a quality education for the price.

UConn made the list, for in-state tuition students cost, and the median salary these students earned out of school was $51,700. The school also got high marks on internship and career placement with such companies as Pepperidge Farm, JetBlue, Unilever and UBS.


As much as I enjoyed my college experience, the price was definitely on the higher end, and advise parents to take a look at this list. Long story short, in-state tuition at state schools is your best bet!