Things you need to know on June 24.

Thanks to MetroNews Source for the following.

  •  Uber the ride sharing service is launching a new initiative in Connecticut to help create economic opportunities in urban areas. UberUP is the company's urban partnership focused on helping workers in under served communities. Uber is hoping to empower people in Connecticut's urban communities to access jobs by connecting them with transportation hubs.
  • While the debate about the Confederate Flag rages on more companies are voicing their distaste. Add Google to the list of companies joining the movement to bar Confederate flag merchandise and advertising. Google announced yesterday that it would remove all content containing Confederate flags from its shopping services and advertising. Walmart, Sears, Amazon and eBay are also discontinuing products with the Confederate flag.
  • You might want to book a trip soon. The National Trust for Historic Preservation, which each year names its eleven most endangered historic places in the U.S. has put the Grand Canyon on the list. The National Trust says the Grand Canyon is at risk of "destruction or irreparable damage" because of development proposals ranging from mining to tourist resorts.

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