With spring just around the corner, it's only a matter of time before Connecticut comes alive, and becomes bathed in green.

I love to drive. It relaxes me, and I can go either way, solo or with Mindy. If I'm in the driver's seat flying solo, I've got my music cranked, singing along, and everything's perfect in my world. The onset of spring is the perfect opportunity to take in Connecticut's beauty by planning an afternoon drive.

Thanks to Stonecroft.com, and Trails.com for the inspiration in creating this blog.

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1. Connecticut State Route 169

This scenic country road originates in southern New England close to New York City, and you get a bit of everything. Rolling hills and village greens, along with historic sights. You'll travel through the small towns of Canterbury, Brooklyn, and Pomfret which also provides an array of unique restaurants. The drive will take you through, what is called, the "Quiet Corner" of the state. The drive is about 32 miles, and will take you about an hour. Give yourself the entire day if you're taking photos, having lunch, or enjoying the sights.

2. The Litchfield Loop

If you're from the New Milford area, start your journey by traveling up Rt. 202 north. Have lunch or dinner at The Whitehorse Country Pub in Marbledale on Rt. 202. When you get to Rt. 45, turn left through New Preston, and drive around Lake Waramug. You'll thank me later. Get back onto Rt. 202, and head for Litchfield to Rt. 341, and, eventually, Rt.7. Stay on Rt.7 for about 42 miles as it winds around the Housatonic River and up through Falls Village, and the town of Caanan. Pop onto Rt. 44 heading east into Norfolk. This could definitely be an all day affair!

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For more Connecticut scenic driving suggestions, click on Trails.com.

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