According to a press release, two men have been arrested in Danbury after a court authorized search and seizure warrant was executed by the Special Investigations Division of the Danbury Police Department.

On Wednesday, June 22, suspected narcotics dealer, 29-year-old Warner Nunez of Danbury, and 45-year-old Edwin Castillo were seen in a car that was driving in the parking lot of Danbury Commons on Main Street. At that point, the Special Investigations Department (S.I.D.) executed the warrant that was issued based on months of detected activity consistent with drug trafficking.

Nunez, the target of the search and seizure warrant, was found to be in possession of powder cocaine that was packaged for sale. Edwin Castillo was also found to be in possession of the same illegal narcotic. Both men were then placed under arrest, and held for cash bonds pending release or arraignment.

Both Nunez and Castillo have been charged with possession of a narcotic substance within 1,500 feet of schools/housing. Warner Nunez was also charged with possession of narcotics with intent to sell.