This guy. I have said it many times and I mean it, Robert Kelly is one of the two funniest people I've ever met, the other being Patrice O'Neal. 

When we heard Robert was coming out our way to do a show in Westport, CT at Bistro B, we knew we had to get him in. We thought maybe now that he is a big TV star along side Denis Leary on the FX show Sex, Drugs & Rock & Roll, he might try and BIG-TIME us, and blow us off. That was not the case.

We called his people, his people called our people and we set it up. Now, what always happens -- and I mean always -- when he comes in is that I start with a plan, he starts talking, and the plan goes out the window. We covered his co-stars Denis Leary and John Corbett, my relationship issues, Ethan dipping ham into his coffee and Bobby's man cave. Here is the first installment on what is sure to be an absolutely hysterical series of videos. Enjoy:

Be sure to check out Robert's show tonight at Bistro B in Westport, and visit his official website for full tour dates and ticket info. Also check out Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll on FX.