As the TV networks get set to announce their new fall lineups, let's find out some of the  shows that survived and some that got the ax, according to Shows Renewed For Next Season

1."Mike and Molly"(CBS)


3."Madame Secretary"(2nd Season)

4. "Mom"(2nd Season)

5. "NCIS:New Orleans"(2nd Season)

6. "The Big Bang Theory"(9th Season)


7. "American Idol"(Final Season)

8. "Bones"(Fox)

9. "The Simpsons"(27th Season)........Do we need another season of The Simpsons?!!


10. "The Blacklist"(3rd Season)

11. *Chicago Fire"(NBC)

12. "Scandal"(NBC)


13. "Two Broke Girls"(CBS)

14. America's Got Talent(NBC)

15. American Horror Story(FX)

16. Nashville(ABC)


17. Dancing With the Stars(ABC)

TV Shows CANCELLED For Next Season

1. A to Z(NBC)

2. About a Boy(NBC)

3. Allegiance(NBC)

4. Backstrom(Fox)

5. Bad Judge(NBC)

6. Battle Creek(CBS)

7. Black Box(ABC)

8. Boardwalk Empire(HBO)

9. Constantine(NBC)

10. Cougar Town(TBS)

11. Forever(ABC)

12. Glee(Fox)

13. Justified(FX)

14. Mission Control(NBC)

15. Resurrection(ABC)

16. Dallas(TNT)

17. Franklin and Bash(TNT)

Tomorrow morning on the show, Lou and I will talk about some of the new TV shows added to the Fall lineup. To find out what's renewed, what's cancelled, and what's still in between, click right here.