I'm hooked! I've grabbed onto TV binging, and I love it. My binge watching style may be considered a bit kinky because of my preference for the four-way technique, which is piggin' out on four different TV shows at once. Right now, I'm juggling Blue Bloods and The Good Wife on Amazon Prime,  and X-Files and West Wing on Netflix.    I googled, "Best TV shows to binge watch" and came up with three articles from these websites: Buzzfeed, Ranker, and etonline. Each website listed TV shows of their own choosing, but there were consistencies among the three.

Getty ImagesJesse Grant

Across the board, the #1 recommended show to binge watch is AMC's Breaking Bad. All three websites also recommended Netflix's Orange is the New Black, Game of Thrones on HBO, Friends on NBC, The Walking Dead on AMC, and House of Cards on Netflix.

"The Walking Dead"/Getty Images

Other shows recommended for binge watching across the three websites were, The Gilmore Girls, Mad MenLaw and Order SVUDexter, and Grey's Anatomy.

If you don't have Netflix yet, and you love TV, it's definitely worth the $8 a month. The cost is going up to $10 a month sometime after May of this year. Another streaming option is Amazon Prime. Our daughter, Allie, bought us a Roku, where you can stream all kinds of TV watching websites. Definitely worth the $100!

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