The website Thrillist just released a new list that they've titled "The Biggest Douchebag in every state". Let's explore their choices ...

Starting with The Empire State - New York - Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump took home the title of New York's leading douchebag. Born in Queens, he leads every poll in horrendous hair and bloviation.

The runner up in New York? You guessed it!

The world's leading Scientology expert and Orpah couch jumper, Syracuse's Tom Cruise. Tom's appearance in Naugatuck while filming War of the Worlds did little to keep him off of the top of everyone's list.

Photo by Michael Buckner - Getty Images Entertainment

Now, onto the Nutmeg State - Connecticut.

The Thrillist staff went very old school and chose ... Norwich, Connecticut's most famous turncoat - Benedict Arnold as Connecticut's "Biggest Douchebag."

I guess when your name is still mentioned as a by-word for treason and betrayal, you deserve that crown.

Photo by Hulton Archive

Thrillist's pick for Connecticut's runner up? The pride of Kent, Connecticut!

Seth MacFarlane. Seth hosted the Oscars, created Family Guy, and apparently, is the second biggest douchebag in our fine corner of the world.

Photo by Ethan Miller - Getty Images Entertainment

You can check out the Thrillist complete list of the country's biggest douchebags by clicking HERE.

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