A Donald Trump supporter named Scottie Neil Hughes was on CNN yesterday talking about her observations from a recent Trump rally. She said a protester threw a "Mazel Tov cocktail."

I think she wanted to go with Molotov cocktail but who is to say? It is a funny slip up but I have to defend her on a few points.

  • Not many people have done live TV or radio, it's intimidating and most people cannot handle the heat. Mistakes get made and tongues will fail you.
  • You gotta care a lot about rioting to know what a molotov cocktail is or how to spell it.
  • She is attractive.

It's all good for a quick laugh until you peel past that first layer of funny and get to the fact that people are throwing fire bombs at rallies. What the hell are we doing? I'd like to believe that no matter who is elected after tonight we can get back to some sense of normalcy but I have a feeling this will get way worse before it gets better. Can't we all just get along?