Wel,l I will tell you when you say all of "insert race here" are rapists ... you might get in trouble.  You cannot just say an entire race of people are rapists and not expect no reaction.

What scares me is that people think that him running is a good thing.

He is a great person to keep the other candidates honest, because he will call them morons and idiots and insist they answer the right questions. He raises the right questions and can identify the problems just like it should be, but he does not have any answers as far as I can tell.

You only have to watch this to know what is what.

I am so psyched about Chris Christie running.  He is my dude. A big fat dude that gets things done and I'm psyched to vote for someone I like instead of being the lesser of all evils for once.

He is supposed to announce later today.  Also I don't care about "Bridgegate."  It was a momentary lapse of reason and it affected people for 1 day.  In the larger scale of scandals it is a baby.

I eagerly await his announcement.

Plus this "M F'er" can dance

Yeah buddy those are sweet moves