I'd like to think my wife Erica would disagree with this. I hope she would. I can say though from past experience, it was, at least at some point very true.

I had an ex girlfriend try to stab me once and another straight up left the country after our relationship ended. Those are some pretty extreme activities if you ask me. I cannot say I am proud of any of this.

I would like to think I have grown but whose to say? I do know that it takes an extremely patient person to be with me. It takes someone who has had a lot of life experience who is not easily phased by whack job behavior. It requires attention to detail. It requires a poker face and an ability to spot a lie from a mile away. If you have all of those things you might be able to survive a relationship with me.

Thankfully my wife does have all of those things. She is the smartest most intuitive person I know and I am lucky she not only tolerates me but truly loves me.

Lou's phone

That is the disapproval face I see way too often. She probably is wearing this face right now while reading this.