With i95's America On Tap - Connecticut scheduled for Sept. 12 at the Ives Concert Park, I thought it might be an excellent idea to roll out some legitimate reasons why you should drink craft beer with some help from the "Tops of the Hops Beer Festival."

What exactly is craft beer? American craft brewers are small, traditional, and independent.

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    Craft Beer Simply Tastes Better

    Some beer drinkers go as far as to call the commercially produced beer, "beer water."

    Craft beer brewers spend much more time focusing on the taste of their beer rather than spending millions of dollars on ad and promotional campaigns.

    Small craft breweries are passionate about their product trying out new ingredients to attain the unique flavor that set them apart from the huge commercial beer companies.

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    More Alcohol

    If you should walk into a brew pub, you will usually find a "beer menu" with the names of the beers, a short description regarding the type and the taste of each specific beer and the alcohol content. Most craft beers range from 5% to 10% abv(alcohol by volume) and some might get up to 20%! Compare those abv levels to a very popular commercial beer which contain 2.5% abv. This is why craft beet fans call the commercial beer, "water beer."

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    Health Benefits

    Yes, craft beer actually has some health benefits. Craft beer contains more nutrients than red wine! Craft beer contains some soluble fiber, some B vitamins, and a range of antioxidants.

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    More Choices

    This is my favorite.....the choices! There are approximately 1,600 craft breweries across the United States brewing thousands of carefully crafted beers. Each brewery picking out special spices and ingredients make each beer unique unto itself, not to mention the passion that goes along with the crafting of the beer.

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    Less Expensive

    If you crunch the numbers, you'll find that drinking craft brews will cost you less than Coors Light or Bud. Why? Unfortunately there are beer drinkers everywhere who drink to get plastered and really don't care about the taste. The average intake of these beer drinkers is usually between 4 and 6 beers per session. So if you're out at your favorite bar, you're paying between $3 and $5 per beer to the tune of $12 to $30. When you're treating yourself to some delectable craft beer, not only is it delicious to the palate but it takes fewer beers to reach the desired buzz.