Brews and BBQ is May 16 at the Ives Concert Park! To get you in the mood here are a bunch of my favorite Classic Rock songs that involve beer.

  • 1

    ZZ Top- Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers

    We'll start with an old ZZ Top tune to get the party started.  This one's got a nice nasty groove to it.

  • 2

    Traffic- John Barleycorn Must Die

    A great song by Traffic which has a tricky lyric that makes you feel bad for this poor guy John Barleycorn. He's being killed in all kinds of torturous ways! However he gets the last laugh as the people making beer out of the barley all end up getting hammered. This is an acoustic solo version by Steve Winwood that I absolutely love.

  • 3

    George Thorogood- If You Don't Start Drinkin' (I'm Gonna Leave)

    A typically funny song from Lonesome George staging a reverse intervention... he likes to drink and he's tired of the disapproving looks from his honey.  Some nice slide guitar on this one.

  • 4

    Blue Oyster Cult- Roadhouse Blues

    Doors guitarist Robbie Krieger asits in with BOC on this cover of the Doors classic.  Singer Eric Bloom has a nice ad-lib buildup to the "woke up this morning and I got myself a beer" line... plus they jam out for almost 10 minutes! What's not to like?

  • 5

    Psychostick- Beer!

    Funny song and funny video. Inspirational lyric:" They say beer will make me dumb. It are go good with pizza." Who can argue with that?

  • 6

    George Thorogood- One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer

    Hey, George Thorogood's back with another beer song! George's version actually puts two old John Lee Hooker songs together. This is a perfect Friday night song.  Everybody funny. Now you funny too.

  • 7

    Blues Brothers- Hey Bartender

     Jake & Elwood laying down the blues on this one from their first album "Briefcase Full of Blues."

  • 8

    Weird Al Yankovic- The Beer Song

    Weird Al makes beer drinking sound heroic by borrowing a melody we all know.

  • 9

    Don Henley- You're Not Drinking Enough

    Technically, the subject of this song isn't drinking enough whiskey. But I couldn't resist sneaking in one of my favorite Don Henley country songs.  Sam Moore of Sam & Dave sings the harmony vocal on this song.

  • 10

    George Thorogood- I Drink Alone

    Might as well go for the George Thorogood hat trick here, as we call up our old Buddy Weiser.