Connecticut's worst cities are still 10% safer than the worst cities in America so there's no need to freak out! 

From and comes a report on some of the most dangerous cities to live in Connecticut.

1. New Haven

Both onlyinyourstate and roadsnacks agreed that New Haven took the top spot for Most Dangerous City in CT. How did they come to that determination? Stats baby, stats! They analyzed the last three years of FBI crime data, and the numbers don't lie. Yes, New Haven has Yale University, but that doesn't stop it from having the #1 rank for both violent crime and property crime in CT. New Haven is also the 36th most dangerous city in the United States. According to, the best neighborhoods to live in New Haven are Downtown and Prospect Hill.

New haven - YouTube Screen Shot

2. Hartford

Why is the insurance capital of the world the 2nd most dangerous city in Connecticut? Crime rates are continuing to drop all over Connecticut, including Hartford, but you still have a 1 in 85 chance of being a victim of a violent crime. Hartford was also named the 45th most dangerous city in the U.S.

3. Bridgeport

In 2012, Bridgeport had the 2nd highest murder rate in the country. Both violent and property crime has dropped by 20% from 2011-2013, but it's still #4 for violent crime, and #5 for property crime in the state.

City of Bridgeport - YouTube Screen Shot

4. New London

Violent crime stacks right behind Hartford and New Haven, and their property crime rate is #9. On the plus size, New London has seen a significant drop in violent crime over the last couple years.

New London - YouTube Screen Shot

5. Waterbury

Waterbury is not doing well in the crime department. It's #2 for property crime, which is twice the state's average, plus the violent crime rate has increased over the last couple of years.

Waterbury CT - YouTube Screen Shot

According to, Detroit Michigan is the #1 most dangerous place to live in the U.S. According to, Irvine California is the safest city in the country.

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