This guy is OUTSIDE HIS MIND ... TRULY GONE.  He climbs on the side of an airplane with a little harness and the plane takes off.  Really man?

Apparently they did this eight times.  Eight takes of this guy holding onto the side of an airplane and there is no way this is fake which means that there is no way he is not crazy.

Like he is super crazy.  I've done crazy things...many.

I've done them because I like the thrill of fear and the chance that I won't come back.  I like the adrenaline rush, but seriously this is too much. To me this does not make him brave or tough, but just crazy.

There's like a 10,000 percent chance you die if you do this once and he did it eight times which is like a 1 million percent chance you die.

Like imagine how hard you would be hanging on!?  I would definitely break fingers holding on.