But can they bring home the bacon and fry it up in the pan like a woman can? Is it really #MenMakeDinnerDay


Turns out - yes it is! Today is National Men Make Dinner Day, celebrated every year on the first Thursday in November.

Created in 2001 with the idea that MOST men don't know their way around the kitchen and aren't familiar with cooking, so it's a chance for them to learn and to give their spouse or girlfriend a break. 

There's even rules to follow! Like THAT'S gonna go over well..lol

Men have to go shopping for all the ingredients and clean up as they go.

Guys are also encouraged to share recipes at MenMakeDinnerDay.com and on social media using the hashtag #MenMakeDinnerDay.

Now I HAVE to add this DISCLAIMER...I'm a lucky girl - my husband has no problem cooking if he's asked. As a matter of fact, I am surrounded by men who do cook - yup even Ethan and Lou handle a lot of the kitchen duties.

So men - what's for dinner?

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