I don't eat many desserts, but on this National Brownie Day I found a recipe I can totally wrap my lips around because it's made with an extra special ingredient.

When it comes to dessert I always tell people, I'd rather drink my calories than eat them. I do however love a gooey dark chocolate brownie. So today is the day to celebrate that taste sensation.

The National Day Calendar proclaims today is National Brownie Day. The website says there are a couple of myths about brownies, one of them being a chef accidentally added melted chocolate to biscuit dough. I got to wondering, what about pouring in some wine?

I like things simple and it doesn't come much better than this. I found a recipe on thepintertestkitchen.com that's about as easy as it gets. You pretty much buy whatever brownie mix you want, and substitute wine for the water in the mix. I figure that even if I polish off most of the wine while baking, I still can totally make this. Go to thepintertestkitchen.com for the whole recipe.

By the way, the National Calendar proclaims May 25 as National Wine Day. My birthday is May 26. Coincidence? I think not. CHEERS

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