Are you a "lefty"? Do you know who you share the day with?

Can't say it's me. But I will shout out my good friend Betty. She's a proud "Southpaw" who, along with millions of others, will be celebrating today.

It's International Left-handers Day.

Famous "left handers"  include eight Presidents, and some notable left-handed actors. Academy Award-winners Angelina Jolie, Robert DeNiro, Nicole Kidman, Julia Roberts, and Goldie Hawn.

Some of the greatest artists of all time, Leonardo di Vinci, Raphael, and Michaelangelo, painted with their left hands.

There are loads of left handed guitarist's like Jimi Hendrix, Paul McCartney, Tony Iommi and Elliot Easton. Add to that some "lefties" like Mark Knopfler and the late Duane Allman that play right-handed.

I'm a "right-hander" and I feel so "LEFT OUT"

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