I am a BIG Tim Tebow guy. I always felt that he was not given a fair shake in the NFL. Yes he has an unconventional throwing arm. Yes he got lit up by Tom Brady in the playoffs. Really, who does not get lit up by Brady in the playoffs though? 

To his credit Tebow has a post season win as a starting QB. There are a lot of QB's in the NFL right now that do not have that on their resume. Most of course are back up's but Tebow never refused being a backup. The guy just wanted to play football.

It's now become evident to him that the chances of him playing in the NFL are slim and none. He has decided to take a shot at playing Major League Baseball. You gotta give it to him. He does not give up.

Today he will hold an open workout that he invited all MLB teams to in L.A. 20 teams are said to be sending representatives to see what his is capable of. 1 one those teams is the N.Y. Mets by the way. The Red Sox are also rumored to be sending a scout.

I wish the guy the best. He is one of those rare athletes that yo can buy your kid his jersey and show him to your kid as an example of how to act in athletics. You will never have to toss his jersey in the garbage and explain it to your kid. Go Tim Go!