What a career!  He's got 5 championships!  He and his organization have been largely ignored in the conversation for greatness but a case can be made that they are the greatest pro sports organization in the modern era.  But it's Duncan that really gets overlooked...

The conversation always includes Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Wilt Chamberlain etc.  Tim Duncan has the most impressive and over looked resume in all of basketball, why?!  Here's why:

He doesn't spend every second telling you how great he is.  That's sad that we need the player to explain his greatness to us in a daily stream of douche conscienceness for us to remember him.

He plays in San Antonio.  Sure, everything is BIGGER in TEXAS but not really.  San Antonio is not Dallas and the Spurs play in a football state.

The team operates like a team.  Duncan, Ginobli and Parker ARE the real BIG 3, they are a team and a unit and probably would not want to be called the "Big 3" because you take the court with 5 guys, not 3.  This concept would never even occur to Lebron James.


Here's some things you might not know about Tim Duncan:

He insisted on staying all 4 years at college at a time when his contemporaries were leaving school early to go to the pros.  He promised his mom he would graduate and he did.  He also either broke or set every important record Wake Forest basketball has ever had.

He was originally a swimmer.  His parents were very supportive and Duncan excelled at swimming, becoming a teenage standout in the 50, 100 and 400 meters freestyle and aiming to make the 1992 Olympic Games as a member of the United States Team.  When Hurricane Hugo destroyed the island's only Olympic-sized swimming pool in 1989, Duncan was forced to swim in the ocean and he quickly lost his enthusiasm for swimming because of his fear of sharks.

He was a member of the "Twin Towers" and won a championship in his rookie season. Nuff said!


Listen, he's a top 10 all time NBA player and the best thing that can be said about him is he is not Lebron James.  He's talented, humble, a family man, and a great sportsman.