State Police are warning drivers to be extra cautious of the intersection where Pudding Street meets the Taconic Parkway in Putnam Valley.From an article on the website comes a report of three accidents all happening this past weekend. All three were caused by drivers who thought that the 'Yield, Right of Way' law was optional.

On Friday evening, March 11, 16-year-old Marc Beck failed to yield the right of way attempting to cross the Taconic from Pudding Street and hit a car traveling north on the highway. Ambulance and rescue vehicles had to be called to the scene.

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Later on that same evening, a Newburgh man, traveling north, struck an embankment when he attempted to avoid a vehicle who ran a stop sign at the same intersection. The injured man had to be rushed to Hudson Valley Hospital Center.

The same type of accident happened again on Sunday evening, March 13 when a car driving south on the parkway smashed into a car broadside when it blew through a Pudding Street stop sign. The passengers of both cars had to be taken to the hospital. C'mon people can we obey those 'Yield' and 'Stop' signs?!

Dozens of school buses cross the Taconic from Pudding Street and Putnam Valley town officials fear it's only a matter of time before this dangerous intersection becomes the scene of a car vs school bus crash. The town and school board are pushing the DOT to build a bridge over the Taconic.

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