All I can think is please stop. Stop the hate all the way around.

My heart aches everyday for our world. For what we've become. For the tragedy that unfolds on what seems like a daily basis on our shores and beyond.

All of this has become such a vicious cycle. My prayer daily is for healing, not hate. Sadly I don't think that we are anywhere close to that. And threatening the police is certainly not the way to go. is reporting just that threats are real. Hartford police are investigating increased threats against their officers.

Deputy Chief Brian Foley told Fox61:

Police officers getting threats is not anything new typically you probably get two or three of those a year that are similar and we handle them in the same way, but to have four happen in less than seven days is obviously an anomaly and something we should be concerned with.

The article goes on to state that the Hartford Police Department is not the only one seeing such threats.

I know there is such a horrific divide in our country, but if we keep going this way we dishonor the memory of everyone on both sides who have lost their lives.

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