The island is called North Brother Island and lies on the East River between the Bronx and Riker's Island.

From comes the story of North Brother Island, the home to Riverside Hospital, which was built after New York City purchased the island in 1885. The hospital was built for individuals with contagious diseases like typhus, tuberculoses, small pox, and yellow fever. The hospital's most famous patient was Mary Mallon otherwise known as "Typhoid" Mary, who spent 20 years at Riverside until 1938.

The article from says that One of New York City's most historical tragedies happened on June 15, 1904 when over 1,021 people perished and only 321 survived when the General Slocum Steamship caught fire in the waters near North Brother Island. Before the terror attacks of September 11, this horrible tragedy was responsible for the worst loss of life. Riverside Hospital was reopened after WWII as a tuberculosis center but lack of personnel shut down the center.

In 1952 the island was converted into a hospital for adolescents with addiction issues. Because of rampant corruption problems, the hospital was closed down and North Brother Island became a ghost town.

Is the island haunted? Many experts have said that because it's been shut down tight and is difficult to get to, paranormal investigators haven't been able to explore the island for sounds, apparitions, or voices and screaming in the night. If you'd like to check out some amazing photos of the remnants of North Brother Island, click on

Credit: BBC News via YouTube

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