The TV show "Cops" is amazing.  It always makes me feel better about my life somehow.  At least I can look at that show and say:  "Hey, at least I'm not on Cops."  Forgive the shaky camera it was taped by a viewer but still it's definitely worth checking out. 

The best line has to be:  "I'm on the road to success!"  BAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAH.  Yes sir you are very successful.  Why is this dude sweating so hard?  The cop tells him to come here and he says: "for why?"  87 times.  Just awesome.

The story he comes up with is just perfect.  He ran because he was scared, had nothing on him but he noticed that there was a lot of drug activity at that house so if there is something under there it is not his.  Then he said he did see something under there that looked like four grams of marijuana but that that is not his.  Why would you even try and describe it by weight?  Isn't that sort of a dead giveaway?  Haha.  I wish they did a Dr. Phil type follow up show on this episode to see the cops weigh the weed and show us that it is indeed four grams of marijuana.  Working on that show has got to be SO much fun.  How could it not be?  Oh wait....getting shot at.  That's right.  That would suck but the excuses you get to hear and the action you get to see that we don't get to see on TV would be just Splendiferous!