I'm scared of kangaroos as it is.  I did not to see this one.

What is with these animals?  They are so strong and now I think they know it.  This guy has been doing Cross fit or going to Training for Warriors.

I mean these are animals throw punches and can run like crazy.....so yeah they can chase you down and beat your ass.

We get it bro!  You are strong and ripped.  This is the douchey-est kangaroo ever.  He's like "The Situation."

I don't trust animals in general...I respect them but do not trust them.  But an animal that is not only working out but knows he is getting results enough to show off his muscles....is terrifying to me.  This guy needs to be stopped.

The only thing more terrifying to me is an ostrich....they are the worst.

Imagine that thing running Mach 3 at your face?  I can.  I have had nightmares about it for years.  No bueno homie...no bueno.

This kangaroo can stay where it belongs in Australia WAY far away from me.

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