Corey Feldman went on 'The Talk' which they say is a TV show. I am convinced it's just a live, one camera feed of a hen house somewhere. 

Corey said he did not lip sync. Well that's a relief. I was worried there for a second.

He's very critical? There are a FEW things you could have done better? Oh man. I really don't like being part of the mob. I try and check myself when I feel like that mob mentality emotion is coming on and I drop my pitch fork and check myself.

This time I cannot do that. This guy has been douchey for so long I cannot take it. The Michael Jackson thing...just no. cut it out please. Now that people are paying attention to this guy again I promise you the next chapter to the story is people digging deeper into Corey's Angels. On the surface it's at least a bizarre arrangement he has with these ladies and I am sure once you scratch the surface, it only gets worse.