I've never had a repossession.  It does not seem like a good time.  I'm not sure if he was having his car repossessed or just being towed for illegal parking.  What I do know is this guy was having none of it. 

It takes some serious stones to do what he did.

What's striking is how calm the man in the drivers seat seems to be.  He's acting as if he knows something we don't...as if he has done this before.  I mean practice makes perfect.

This is an amazing way to ruin your car for a very, very long time.  Also what is NOT filmed at this point?  We literally are documenting every moment of human existence at this point.  You can't miss things even if you wanted to.

I wonder if I'm being filmed right now?

There is nothing worse than not having your car when you need it.  Whether it's been towed or is in the shop or whatever.  You feel like a child again...your helpless, stranded and how your day goes depends a lot on how fast your friends or family come to pick you up.