According to, Rob Gronkowski suffered a possible punctured in the 2nd quarter of the Patriots vs. Seahawks game. This apparently happened after a hit by Earl Thomas. So what do you do after puncturing your lung? Well, you go back out on the field and play a second half of football against the world's best athletes -- what else would you do?

This guy is a beast in the truest sense of the word. He has football player written all over him. He is a stack of muscles with eyeballs and feet. He has zero regard for his health or anyone else's. He punishes defenders who try and bring him down, and now, not even a punctured lung can stop him.

You will hear some current players talk about their personal safety, their fears, etc. Not this guy. Rob Gronkowski wants to play football, score touchdowns and bury cornerbacks with forearms. When he is done with that, he goes out partying. He comes for your women and your precious metals. He is a throwback. They just do not make em' like him anymore. It is a delight to watch him play football.