Hey man for a team that won two amazing Super Bowls against two Patriot teams that seemed unbeatable ... these guys have not done one good thing since.

What is the deal?  They have an elite quarterback, they often have a great defensive line and they play in a division with Tony Romo who may be the most overrated QB of all time.  Why oh why are they so bad the past few years?

I mean this team can ball if they could get their heads right

Look at that.  You took down an unstoppable football team.  I mean that is the beauty of football.  One day, one game is it.  It's all that matters.  I would take Eli over his brother in a big game.  Peyton shrinks 80 percent of the time in a big spot and Eli has moments that make you scratch your head in a good way.  He becomes the opposite of the horse faced moron he looks like on a normal Sunday after throwing picks all day.  OK wait let me get it right he looks like a high school kid, also a moron with his mouth open constantly catching flies.

"The last time I saw a mouth like that it had a hook in it."  thank you Rodney for the inspiration.