This keeps getting better and better.  He can't stop ... he won't stop.  HILARIOUS! There he is in all his steaming glory.

According to the Donald, everyone is stupid and poor and he is rich and smart. I cannot get enough. Every minute of every interview, debate, discussion ... I'm glued man.

I know this is old, but his hair is so mesmerizing that you even have something so amazing to watch the few times he is not saying something hilarious.

I know I keep saying he is stupid, but there is a ingeniousness about his stupidity.

He's making a mockery of this process and that is exactly what we need it to be, not just for entertainment purposes, but because it has been a mockery for years and there needs to be change. Maybe this circus will lead to some sort of a change.

I mean if "Deeznuts" can reach 9% in the polls in Iowa the system is flawed.

In the meantime.  Let's party with Don Jon.