Yeah, he can rollerblade too.  Why is this a thing?  It's creeping me out.

So this Black bear at the Laos Wildlife Center walks like a man.

Yeah I don't know exactly how I feel about this.  First glance tells me animals and humans are amazing.  The fact that someone could teach a bear to walk like this and do it like it's second nature is amazing and the fact that the bear can do it, wants to do it is also amazing.

But watch this and tell me how cute this would be if it was not in an enclosure.

I had to look like 15 times to make sure it was not a dude in a costume but no it's a bear.  The scariest thing is when the bear briefly looks at the camera and is like:  "Yeah...what's up ladies!?"

So now bears can slaughter us and steal our women and precious metals?  Not cool guy.  Not cool. Here's the deal if these bears are gonna start doing cool human stuff we have to be able to do cool bear stuff like snatching salmon out of a river with our bare hands.

I could catch a salmon, but can you ... I need you guys to up your game.  We are starting to look dopey as a species.  We cannot let these bears drink our Kool-Aid.