Things you need to know on February 4. Plan To Arm Teachers In Kent CT; Newtown Panel Wants Guns Banned In Town; CT Rejects Schaghticoke Casino Claim;
Lavish 1951 Meal Was Not Woolly Mammoth.
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  • You know this story will create a stir. The Board of Selectmen in Kent is presenting a controversial plan to allow guns in classrooms. Kent would be the first town in Connecticut to advance beyond resource officers for school security.


  • Hot on the heels of the controversy over guns at Caraluzzi's in Bethel. The Newtown Action Alliance is calling for all businesses in Newtown to ban possession of guns in their establishments. The group says banning guns in town businesses would create a safer and less intimidating environment for town children and families.


  • Is it a yes or a no? Connecticut officials are refuting claims by the Schaghticoke Tribal Nation that the state granted them permission to open a casino. The tribe just claimed that the Secretary of the State's office approved the formation of an LLC with the stated purpose of opening a casino. However, Secretary of the State Denise Merrill says the formation of an LLC does not give the tribe the right to build a casino.


  • Urban legend solved. The famed Explorers Club 1951 dinner in New York City promised meat from a giant sloth that had been extinct for 250-thousand-years. Rumors spiraled out of control that what was really served that night came from a mammoth. But, new DNA analysis of a piece of meat preserved from the dinner proves it came from a green sea turtle.

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