Things you need to know on January 20. Metro-North To Implement "Close Call" reporting; Report Out On World's Best Country; Posh NYC Hotel Gets Honor; Stephen Hawking's Take On Disaster.

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  • As Metro-North Railroad works to keep riders safer, they have signed a pact with its employee unions to implement the Confidential Close Call Reporting System. The system is designed to encourage workers to report any potential safety hazard or breach of procedures they might be reluctant to speak up about.


  • Pack your bags.The inaugural Best Countries report says Germany is the best country in the world. Researchers rated about 60 countries using various criteria.The top ten are Germany, Canada, the United Kingdom, the U.S., Sweden, Australia, Japan, France, Netherlands, and Denmark.


  • Pack your bags part 2. According to a "posh" New York City hotel is the best overall hotel in the entire country. The Sherry-Netherland, built in 1927, overlooks Central Park. Want to check out other spots that make the list. Click on


  • Pack your bags part 3. Question is, should you pack them RIGHT NOW?Stephen Hawking says a disaster on Earth is a "near certainty." Don't rush on packing. Hawking says it's coming within the next one-thousand to ten-thousand years.

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