She agreed to spend her life with me just over a month ago which makes her crazy but I lucked out. 

Last week Erica gave me a card for our one month wedding anniversary and that in itself is amazing.  It's a little thing but meant a lot to me because it's the little things that matter and she does all of them.

She looks out for 4 children...our 3 boys and me.  She holds me accountable for the dumb things I do and she plays with me in our free time like we are two little kids.

It's no secret that many people cannot tolerate me long term.  I just insist on doing things my way and that has pushed a lot of people out of my life.

She is the only one who has bothered to stop and ask questions like what do you want?  What can I do for you?  How do you feel?  Can I help you?

I love you Erica.