Could you imagine trying to jump off a jump that high and be surrounded by adrenaline junkies and MAYBE one ambulance and not only think..."yeah this is a good idea" but to not poop your pants and to go for it.  Good for these guys.  At least they realize that we are all gonna die and most of us will go before our time but to sit up there and look down and still go for it....CRAZY.

Jed Mildon makes history.  For who I don't know?  I'm not saying it's not cool I'm just saying most people I know don't even know this is a sport.  He did something crazy and there are millions of extreme sports fans but I don't know any.  They do however make the coolest videos and use the coolest music in them.  I'm OK with enjoying their sport from afar though.  I have enough injuries from playing football, basketball and baseball my whole life and those took place on land and not in the air.  These guys are going to be in rough shape in their 60's man.