While the image of a newborn baby is what comes to mind when one thinks about an adoption, there are many older adoptable children in Connecticut who are waiting for their forever home. Some are in foster homes, and others in group homes, and the stress of growing older without a stable foundation can have a catastrophic effect on these children's development.

Learn more below about the children in Connecticut who are waiting for a life-changing meeting meeting - with you or someone you know.

Click the child's name to find out who to contact to get updated information on each individual child. [UPDATED: August 4, 2016]

  • Skylamaree & Desseri

    7-years-old, 5-years-old

    From adoptuskids.org: We are only considering Connecticut families at this time with a preference for families in the South central part of Connecticut.

    Seven year old Skylamaree, and her five year old sister Desseri, would love to join a calm and loving family where they can grow up together feeling safe and nurtured. These sweet little ladies have endured a lot in their short lives and their resilience shines through their lively personalities.

    Having just finished the 2nd grade, Skylamaree is quite proud of having achieved high honors in her class. She loves to draw and can color for hours! She is a kind hearted little girl who likes to be helpful, likes to clean around the house and be responsible for her chores. At times, her past catches up with her and she can become very sad. She is afraid of feeling unsafe but she is working hard at overcoming her fears and she needs a family by her side to get her through the worst of times. When Skylamaree grows up she’d like to become a chef!

    Independent and feisty are words used to describe Desseri. This imaginative little girl wants to grow up and become “a mommy.” She can play with her dolls for hours and she is “more than ready” to enter kindergarten next year. Like her sister, Desseri has many fears of being unsafe and because of this she tends to test limits and likes to “be in charge.” Redirection and reassurance will be key elements to successful parenting. Because of significant burns to her hands, Desseri is required to attend PT and medical appointments and may require hand surgery in the future.

    The sisters share a love for macaroni and cheese, singing and dancing and using their tablets to play games. They also enjoy playing card games and Skylamaree can be quite the competitor! Due to traumas they have experienced, both get very nervous around loud noises but in many ways they are everyday little girls who love to sing and dance and play with their friends. Supportive clinical services will continue to help them address their past and work on a positive future. They are active both indoors and out and they both enjoy attending the children’s group at their Church.

    Although not yet legally free for adoption, this beautiful set of sisters long for a family with whom they can watch their favorite TV show; “Alvin and the Chipmunks,” and a home which will create a feeling of security and love as they grow up. They have positive relationships with some extended family members and these connections will need to be sustained. These little girls will enrich the lives of a very lucky family!

    Credit: adoptuskids.org
  • Samantha & Jake

    15-years-old, 10-years-old

    From adoptuskids.org: Samantha is 14 year old Caucasian female who is an amazing young lady who and is passionate about sports and compassionate for those around her. She does well in school and gets good grades. She is the older sister to Jake who is ten years old.

    She can be a great advocate for herself and others. Sam is a bright young woman who knows what she wants and works hard to get there. She is a unique youth that has a lot to offer everyone who meets her.

    Teachers enjoy Sam in their classes and she is well respected by them. Sam has great peer relationships and they often look up to her as she is athletic and someone who is focused when it comes to something she wants for her future. Her social worker describes her as a “motivated youth who knows who she is.”

    Sam loves sports and plays football and is active in the ROTC program at her school. Like most teens she likes social media and some monitoring may be necessary at times. Sam knows how to take care of herself and her past experiences can make parenting her difficult at times. Many see her as resilient with all she has overcome.

    Sam does equally well with men and women caregiver. Like most teenagers, she can struggle with accepting limits. She will need to maintain relationships with her family of origin and previous caregiver.

    Jake is a 10 year Caucasian male. He has a bright and funny personality. He is small in stature, but is a healthy boy who enjoys school. Jake gets good grades and is well liked by the teachers in his school. Like most boys, he loves to play board games and video games. Jake is an engaging young man who will talk openly with you about his likes and dislikes.

    Jake has a lot of energy and is always keeping himself busy. He lets you know what he wants, but is very polite and respectful. He is looking to reconnect with some of his biological family and wants to be able to maintain them.

    He has a great relationship with his current foster mother and gets along well with the other children in the home. He is the younger brother of Sam and he loves his sister. He is very close with his sister and like any siblings; they argue but are always there for one another.

    Both Sam and Jake want to be in a family that understands loss, a family that is patient and willing to accept their quirks and challenges unconditionally.

    Credit: adoptuskids.org
  • Anderson


    From adoptuskids.org: AJ is a 14 year old Hispanic young man. He is quiet when you first meet him and then easily engages with you. Like any teenage boy, he loves his video games and enjoys football, running, parkour, and hanging out with his two friends. AJ says that his peers “like my personality” and think he is friendly and fun.

    AJ is learning about his family and will hopefully reconnect with them in some way. He has siblings that he would like to continue to have contact with. He does struggle in school due to a learning disability, but he states that his favorite subject is science because he learns new things every day. One of his favorite topics that he has studied this year is insects. He has a dream of going into the Army because they are disciplined and they are busy all of the time. He wants to learn to be more focused and have more patience.

    When asked about what he sees when he looks in the mirror, AJ stated “a boy who can do a lot of things.” He says that his favorite food is BBQ Ribs with French Fries but that he is a picky eater overall; and has a desire to learn how to cook.

    AJ wants potential families to know that he “will love them no matter what – even if they make mistakes.” AJ is very aware of his emotions and recognizes that when he is not occupied he gets nervous and says he needs things to do so that doesn’t happen.

    Credit: adoptuskids.org
  • Oshana


    From adoptuskids.org: Oshana, who also likes to be called 'Nene,' is a delightful, happy and engaging eighteen-year-old girl of African American and Latino decent. She enjoys music and dancing, being on a swing, listening to nursery rhymes such as "Itsy Bitsy Spider," and one on one time with people who care about her.

    Resilient is a word that best describes Oshana's character. Although challenged with many medical concerns since birth, Oshana is a lovely girl who can converse via sign language and a communication device. She recently received a specialized IPAD and is utilizing it for language learning skills. She is a hard worker who has also improved her ability to make her needs known through pictures. Oshana can stand upright, but favors "knee walking" to get around. She is aware of her surroundings and has a ready smile for people when they come to visit her. She joined Girl Scouts and has been a participant on various Special Olympics teams!

    Although Oshana is not yet legally freed for adoption, she is ready to live within a family setting. A family does not need a medical background or experience to consider adopting Oshana; however, effective organizational and communication skills to manage and advocate for all of her needs will be essential. Oshana loves to interact with others and a family with love and attention to spare will be a source of joy to her. A patient and loving family who can challenge her and support her growth will help her reach her full potential.

    Credit; adoptuskids.org