Waterbury's lit up again at night!

As I was driving home on Christmas Eve from the festivities at Mrs. Large's family's house, I caught my first glimpse of the new Holy Land cross that was installed the day before. It's an awesome sight. It was a beautiful shade of purple on Xmas Eve, and a striking white on Xmas Day. This isn't the busted iron cross that adorned the hill for all those years, this is a bright shining beacon. If you're driving Westbound through Waterbury, look up and to the left as you pass the Harper's Ferry Road exit on 84. Eastbound, as soon as you get past the Mixmaster 84/Rt. 8 interchange, look to your right. Now, I can tell everyone, look for the huge clock tower, and the brilliantly lit cross on the hill. And if you still can't find me, follow your nose to the Naugatuck River to get to my city.