You name it this game had it.  Penalties, dropped balls, miscommunication, fights and interceptions. 

The New York Jets blew a huge chance to make the playoffs.  I'm not a Jets fan but I wanted to see them get into the playoffs and I felt bad for Jets fans yesterday.  It starts in the first quarter.  The whole vibe of the game did not begin well for New York.  They completely lost the field position battle early.  They were deep in their own end the whole quarter.  Then just when they start to get something going...BOOM...penalties.  It was frustrating to watch.  Then we have to sit and watch Eric Decker and Brandon Marshall dropping footballs that hit them in the hands.  You have to catch any ball that hits you directly in your hands in the NFL.  It's was embarrassing.  The Jets could not even catch a break with penalties.  The unsportsmanlike conduct penalty after the fight should have been for the Bills not the Jets.  The Bills started it but no one ever sees the first punch.

The worst part of the whole thing was that it was Rex Ryan that denied you Jets fans entry to the playoffs.  How long will he savor that victory?  I can tell you it will be a long time.  He wanted nothing more then to keep the Jets out.

Then you figure while things are not going well OK maybe the Browns can pull it out and beat the Steelers and we still get in at a respectable 10-6.  That did not happen either.  The fact is you go home now.  You never know what next year will bring but that can be as much of a bad thing as it could be good.