It was a throw down for the ages, 30 people, fists-a-flying!  Awesome stuff.

According to the News-Times two men were arrested after a fight at a Danbury Hotel turned ugly. Two men from New Jersey were arrested on Sunday morning at a Newtown Road hotel. They had a huge brawl that ended up with 30 people involved at the Hampton Inn.

Ross Eison, 28 of Woodbridge, New Jersey was walking back to the Hampton Inn with his fiance when he ended up arguing with a group of men.  It turned violent in the hotel lobby where police say there was a huge mess including broken glass.

Listen, I have been in my fair share of fights.  I've won some and I've lost some, but they are rarely worth it ... unless someone says something nasty to your woman or touches her inappropriately.

Most of my fights have been for that reason with a few exceptions where my big mouth opened the door.  I am not a crazy violent person, but if your disrespect my wife or girlfriend you are going to hear from me.

I'm not trying to be a tough guy - those are the facts. I have three younger sisters, a girlfriend, a mom and a million female aunts and cousins. That is not going to fly. I don't know what if anything was said to Ross' fiance but if these guys were being disrespectful to her than good job by him.

I know it's against the law, but women should feel safe.