If you don't like "Glory of Love" by Peter Cetera you should leave this country and leave it now.

This is a panty dropping song if there was ever a panty dropping song.  This is the definition of love all bundled up in one song.  It was actually supposed to be on the "Rocky 4" soundtrack initially but got bumped and ended up on the soundtrack of an equally bad ass film.....you may know it as "Karate Kid 2."

I AM THE MAN WHO WILL FIGHT FOR YOUR HONOR!!!!!!!!!  Are you kidding me?

I don't wanna lose you, I could never make it alone.

Brilliance....it has everything.  It even has an apology about future dumb things he might say.

Chicks want you to fight for them...they want a hero...they wanna know that you are not going to bounce on them and they wanna know they will have a knight in shining armor.

GAME, SET, MATCH....Cetera wins.