I realize not everyone is into BBQ meats ...

I strongly urge you to reconsider though! There's nothing like fresh pulled pork on a slider bun, or a slow-smoked brisket slab ... mmmmm.

BUT, for those of you that don't dig on the swine, or are totally against eating meat all-together, there are going to be a few options for you at our 2015 Brews and BBQ festival on Saturday May 16.

Rita's Italian Ice is going to be there serving up their tasty ice concoctions, and Calandrelli Kettle Corn will be popping away all day. Some of the BBQ vendors will also be bringing along vegetables and fruits and serving them up.

Just keep your broccoli-scented fingers away from my mouth, and it will be safe, I'm planning on eating my way across the Ives!

Please join us at the 2015 Brews and BBQ Festival, it's on Saturday May 16 at the Ives Concert Park in Danbury. Plenty of beers, plenty of BBQ and veggies, and Robert Randolph and the Family Band will get you off your sluggish meat-filled booty!

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Listen to Large "Brisket-Destroyer" Dave 7PM to Midnight on i95 by clicking HERE