For a guy who has not played in this series, Alex Rodriguez has still managed to be the big story during the current Yankees vs. Red Sox series.

The benches cleared last night at Fenway when Chase Headley and Rick Porcello exchanged words. No punches ended up being thrown, and the umpires managed to get control. In a normal week, that would be the story, but not when Alex Rodriguez is still in the building.

A-rod is in his final few days as a baseball player. Last night at Fenway, fans chanted, "We want A-Rod!" He signed autographs and was (as usual) a distraction. Was last night by his own doing? Well, technically, no. Nothing he did last night drew attention to him, but let's be reasonable, and call it what it is. Cumulative scum-baggery.

The Yankees have gone out of their way in his last few days to really stick it to A-rod by simply not playing him. He DOES deserve that, by the way. Here is a guy who has sued the team on multiple occasions, and embarrassed them with his drug violations and his lies. He does not deserve the pinstripes.

Yankee Manager Joe Girardi says he will start A-rod in the finale of this series, which will be his last game as a player in the Yankee/Red Sox rivalry. We bid you adieu, sir. Good riddance. "Nah-na-nah-na, Nah-na-nah-na, Hey, Hey, Hey Goodbye!"

The rivalry in my office between Tim Sheehan and I will be a lot easier for me now. I won't have to halfheartedly defend Alex Rodriguez. It has caused problems for us in the past.