A friend from Seymour recently woke up to find that his car had been broken into. It's a horrible feeling. Your mind fills with images of young punks or strung out junkies desperately clawing through your glove box.

My vehicles were broken into in Waterbury three times, mostly in the early 90's, back when the names Blaupunkt, Alpine, and Rockford Fosgate were held in the same regard as Apple and Samsung are presently.

I started investigating crime statistics, and looking into how many vehicles were broken into throughout the Naugatuck Valley corridor in the past year (2015). I gathered my data from the State of Connecticut Department of Public Safety's Uniform Crime Report.

Here's what I came up with-

  • 1


    601 vehicles were broken into in Waterbury in 2015. No surprise, it's the valley's largest city, and crime typically follows population.

    credit - Google
  • 2


    97 break in's reported in 2015. I wonder how many of those car windows were smashed using a Wiffle Ball bat?

    Credit - Google
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    94 break in's reported in 2015. Waterbury's Southern neighbor seems to have absorbed some of the Brass City's crime.

    Credit - Google
  • 4


    70 break in's reported in 2015. Damn Derby! You're keeping up with the Northern larceny. Southern Valley represent!

    Credit - Google
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    40 vehicle break in's reported in 2015. Seymour not only dominates Derby on the gridiron, they also dominate them when it comes to vehicle safety.

    Credit - Google