With our Brews and BBQ event coming up this weekend, I got to thinking that beer has come a long way. We were not always spoiled with the kind of great beers we have now. What terrible beer did you grow up on? 

There, of course, was Pabst Blue Ribbon as pictured above. It was one of my favorites growing up. For some reason, now, it's cool to drink it. Hipsters have apparently adopted it as their go-to beer. I don't like that, but I have great PBR memories.

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Maybe the worst beer of all time is Natty Ice. I had a real bad night once on Natty Ice. It was a warm summer's eve, and we had run out of beer, when I remembered I had a case of Natty Ice in my trunk. That beer had been baking in the trunk, for two weeks, in the middle of a sweltering summer. It was terrible, but we drank it, and I booted and booted and booted.

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Coors Light is straight up water. If you have any interest in getting drunk, drink something else.

Honorable mentions:

Black Label - This was my go-to beer for two straight years. It was 99 cents for a six pack when I was 21.

Meisterbrau - Or the chow, as we called it.

Milwaukee's Best - Milwaukee's worst.

Keystone Light - The key to an upset stomach and bad breath.

Busch Light - The only upside to this beer was that it was almost as cheap as Black Label, so if there was a beer store that did not stock the Label, this was the backup.

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