Let us start with the grand daddy of them all -- the turkey. The turkey is a big, dry, dead bird. I'm not into it. I am gonna hit you with each menu item, and a better alternative.

  • Turkey - Instead, go with Pizza or Enchiladas -- both WAY better than turkey
  • Stuffing - Although I like me some stuffing, go with bacon wrapped scallops.
  • Mashed or sweet potatoes - Potatoes, mashed or sweet, are in no way better than cheese fries.
  • String beans - Gag me with a spoon -- Try fried cauliflower. I recently had this for the first time, and it rocked my world.
  • Creamed onions - Do they remind you of anything? They have to go. Instead, maybe go with Swedish meatballs. They are still ball shaped if you are into that type of thing.
  • Cranberry sauce - Nope. Hows about chocolate covered strawberries? 

The fact is, the revolution does not happen overnight. I have been on this for years, just trying to open people's eyes. This is one of our great holidays. Many of us have time off to cherish with our loved ones. We get to over eat, watch football, drink and nap. Let's put our best foot forward with the menu. I think if you look deep inside yourself, you know as well as I do that we are not putting our best foot forward.