ranks over 100,000 public and private schools across the United States in over 10 categories based on dozens of statistics and 27 million opinions from 300,000 students and parents. 'The Best High School Teachers' category ranks 5,886 public high schools based on key teaching statistics and nearly 920,000 from 240,000 students and parents. A high ranking indicates that "teachers are intelligent and engaging and that the school is invested in its teachers and provides a good educational environment, and students and parents rank their teachers favorably." Here are the Top Ten school districts in Connecticut that have the Best High School Teachers according to 60% of the top ten are in southern Fairfield county.

  • 1

    Staples High School in Westport

  • 2

    Wilton High School

  • 3

    Greenwich High School

  • 4

    New Caanan High School

  • 5

    Simsbury High School

  • 6

    Ridgefield High School

  • 7

    Darien High School

  • 8

    Weston High School

  • 9

    Amity Regional High School in Woodbridge

  • 10

    Glastonbury High School