According to there are certain types of diets out there that will help you lose some quick weight but in the long run won't help you keep the weight off. The following are three of the worst kind of diet plans.1. DIETS THAT FOCUS ON ONLY A FEW TYPES OF FOOD GROUPSThese kinds of diets are usually referred to as "Fad Diets," like the "Raw Food Diet," the "Alkaline Diet," "The Werewolf Diet," or "Cookie Diets." According to Alexandra Caspero, a registered nutritionist from Sacramento, California, these kinds of diet plans could actually put your health in danger. 

2. DETOX DIETS -You may know these diets as "Master Cleanse," or "The Martha's Vineyard Diet Detox." If you see procedures like, "liver flushes," "bodily cleanses," or "colonics," just run the other way. Chief medical correspondent for the Discovery Health Channel, Dr. Pamela Peeke says these diets are "pure nonsense and unnecessary." 

Weight-loss products that don't work - Credit Getty Images

3. DIETS THAT CLAIM 'MIRACLE FOODS' OR INGREDIENTSTaking supplements, drinking fructose water, or green tea, bitter orange, or apple cider vinegar is a bad idea. Dr. Pamela Peeke says she's seen dieters always looking for that one magic pill, food, or potion to lose weight. She says, "There just isn't one or any combination of food groups that will help you lose weight."

Unfortunately there is no easy, magic way to get rid of unwanted pounds. I know, because I've been fighting with fat since I was 11. I navigated to the website and found the definitive answer to permanent weight loss which we've known all along.

A "POSITIVE ATTITUDE," is first and foremost when trying to achieve permanent weight loss. Understanding that you need to make a commitment to a healthier life style is a huge plus. Yes, I understand it's incredibly annoying and hard but it works!

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